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14 minute read

On Data Refuge This is the text of an essay I contributed to a pamphlet published by Memory of the World. I am deeply grateful to Memory of the World for in...

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Tips for Learning Tools for Librarians

6 minute read

Sometimes librarians ask me how they should start learning all the tools. First, I give them a long, irritating lecture about how resistant I am to the notio...

Penn Libraries Job Talk

25 minute read

What follows is a lightly edited version of the talk I gave as part of my interview for the job of Assistant Director for Digital Scholarship on December 4, ...

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Repository + repo = ?

1 minute read

This is another not-yet-fully-formed thought. This iteration of the thought came up again through a conversation with Bret Mulligan, a classics professor I w...

The content / interface abstraction

3 minute read

At a recent conference, I took part in a workshop for Urban Historians entitled “Workshop: Digital Projects from the Ground Up.” The basic structure was for ...

On Becoming Public

3 minute read

Updated January 2015 This is a draft. It’s not ready. If anyone is reading this, it’s because I’ve succeeded, at least a little bit, in developing a public...

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